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An excellent early childhood education centre


To nurture the young generation towards passion for knowledge , academic excellence, integration and contributing to community

It’s their future (philosophy)

  • Every child is unique and is entitled for commitment, love, respect from our supportive staff and environment.
  •  Environment must provide equal opportunity for all children to engage in play with purpose, explore and imagine, learn and apply, accommodate and acquire knowledge.
  • Each child is a unique individual and hence, approaches may vary to support their development holistically.
  • Children’s learning does not only occur at one system, in fact a big ecological system where other adults including parents are also involved.
  • Parents’ support is critical in the lives of children thus the collaboration of home-school partnership is vital.
  • Early childhood education should not only focus on academic pursuits. It should also be focused on nurturing the child with comprehensive life skills with positive attitudes and attributes in caring for self, others and society. This type of  nurturing will prepare the child to be a socially empathic adult who will contribute and implement positive changes to society
Our Curriculum and Goals
Our curriculum and goals follow the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework. We believe that children are competent, active and curious learners. The theme set in each term is more on common topics that children see around them.

We provide worksheets, projects, hands-on activities, simulation activities and movement activities for the children. These activities will enhance children’s learning and capability in terms of their Language & Literacy, Motor Skills, Numeracy, Discovery of the World, Aesthetic & Creative Expression and Social & Emotional Development.